Give them the gift of golf

Shop online for a North Swing gift of simulator time that never expires, party packages with drinks and other perks, prepaid packs, or indoor golf lessons.

Gift passes and prepaid packs are transferrable amongst family members. Gift recipients are free to invite up to 4 golfers to join them when gifted hours are used.

Gift Passes are a great way to give simulator time at North Swing to a friend or family member. You can give them a physical gift certificate or we can send it by email.

Party Packages offer simulator time in our semi-private and private suites along with other perks. View details on our events and packages page.

Memberships can be purchased for other golfers to give them hours that never expire and other perks at a reduced rate.

  • Give the gift of Golfing year round! Pre-paid hours at North Swing for friends, family, and any golfer out there to give them a great time full of swings, food and drink. 1 Hour ($50) 2 Hours ($100) 3 Hours ($150) 4 Hours ($200) 5 Hours ($240 - rate of $48/Hour) 10 Hours ($460 - rate of $46/Hour) Hours never expire and are transferrable to other players. Private Suite (Mr. Larson) and Executive Lounge (Chubbs) are subject to additional charge per hour.
  • Great gift idea for couples who enjoy golf. Includes:
    • 2 Hours in our Private Suite Simulator with lounge couch
    • 1 Bottle of Wine (or Sparkling Wine for Special Occasions) or 1 Pitcher of Beer
    • Golf Club Rentals if Needed
  • Great gift idea for friends or family groups of 4-6 golfers. Includes:
    • 4 Hours in our Private Suite Simulator
    • 2 Pitchers of Beer or 2 Bottles of Wine
    • Golf Club Rentals if Needed

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